About Us

Following record high prices, an attempt was made to design a Climbing Jack that would produce milk. Unfortunately this proved unsuccessful. However it did provide an excellent way of testing Climbing Jacks durability in high winds and with a heavy load on.

Climbing Jack is a New Zealand based outfit, proudly owned and operated by the Sinclair family, from their 20 hectare farm near Pukekohe.

For the past 10 years Andrew and Louise, along with the help of their three sons Sam, Luke and Heath, have run the successful sports business Crazy Catch. Ever the “ideas man” Andrew has always had an enthusiastic (Louise would call it obsessive) interest in making things better by design. One day Grandad Ian was heard lamenting the the lack of a decent bean fence available to New Zealand gardeners.

Andrew had an idea.

Having learnt to treat Andrew’s ideas with various degrees of suspicion, the rest of the Sinclair family were initially cautious. The fact that Sam, Luke and Heath had already consumed enough boiled beans for several lifetimes at their grandparents place may have also had something to do with these reservations. However common sense prevailed and it was soon evident that Andrew was onto a winner…

With a bean fence you can grow a range of fresh fruit and vegetables right in your own backyard. You can save space in your garden by encouraging plants to grow up, making it great for those with small suburban gardens. Furthermore, by training plants to grow up they are more likely to resist airborne diseases and stay healthy. A bean fence enables you to reconnect with traditional growing methods, learn what it’s like to be self-sustainable and save money on your shopping bill. Finally the Climbing Jack bean fence is easily relocatable meaning it can be moved around the garden or taken down during winter with minimal fuss.

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Designing this unique Kiwi invention took many man, and mum, hours as the Sinclair family threw ideas around the dinner table. Eldest son Sam officially joined the Climbing Jack team as ideas man number 2 (proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree) and marketing coordinator. Finally after nearly a year of development the mighty bean fence was finished. Combining new generation ideas with age old traditions Climbing Jack had done there darnedest to provide you what they think is the best bean fence in the world. And if you think otherwise, then it’s probably time to grow up!