2m wide x 1.9m high

2m wide x 1.9m high

Climbing Jack is the great idea that helps you grow climbing plants better. It’s that simple!

Designed and tested in New Zealand, the team at Climbing Jack have put their heads together to come up with what they think is the best climbing plant fence on the market today. From the evergreen gardener to the budding green thumb, Climbing Jack has been designed so that everyone can make the most of this simple gardening tradition.


  • GROW FRESH FOOD – Grow a range of your own fresh fruit and vegetables including beans, peas, tomatoes, grapes, passion fruit and berries – anything that likes to climb or needs support. Great for ornamental varieties when used as a living screen.
  • EASY TO SETUP – We provide everything you need so your Climbing Jack can be setup straight out of the box. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Our unique auger system makes installation simple and also enables your Climbing Jack to be relocatable.
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Climbing Jack is constructed from fully galvanized steel tube which is then powder coated to give you a long lasting product. With 600 kg breaking strain net and added support around the base poles, your Climbing Jack will withstand both heavy crops and strong winds.

Our range of Climbing Jack’s come in four different sizes and are detailed below.


Climbing Jack 2m wide x 1.9m high – $99

Our most popular model this “Jack of all trades” Climbing Jack will fit in almost any garden and works with any climbing plant. It provides a great vertical growing area while keeping within a reasonable length.

2m wide x 1.9m high









Climbing Jack 4m wide x 1.9m high – $119

Unbeatable value for money. Twice as much for just a little bit more!

Climbing Jacks biggest bean fence, this model is great for people who are looking to grow a range of climbing plants or have an abundant supply of their favourite fruit and veggies.

4m wide x 1.9m high








Climbing Jack 2m wide x 1.5m high – $89

The baby of the family and Climbing Jacks smallest bean fence, this model is perfect for small raised bed gardens or for the smaller varieties of climbing plants.

2m wide x 1.5m high








Climbing Jack 4m wide x 1.5m high – $109

This Climbing Jack bean fence is made to accommodate larger raised beds with its extra length and reasonable height.

4m wide x 1.5m high