Some encouraging words from Climbing Jack owners:

“Brilliant product, had it up in half an hour.” – Margaret

“Just a quick email to tell you how happy I am with my Climbing Jacks. They arrived on the 17th and I promptly put them up and now I have beans that are about to flower and my tomatoes growing against the smaller one have doubled in size. I am very pleased.” – Michael

“Climbing Jack has arrived, and was warmly welcomed. My husband reckons it will not stay upright, so I’ll look for some bigger stays, for Jack, not for me! Great instructions, well done. A really beaut frame, I love it.”

Followed by…

“Hi Andrew, I think my husband is apologising to you for doubting the ability of Climbing Jack to stay upright! We have just had a lad round to help us put the uprights in and he did the job in no time flat and they are as stable as anything. Congratulations. Climbing Jack is wonderful. Very intelligently designed, and I can’t support strongly enough your warning on the instructions that men should read the instructions too.” – Joyce

“Great offer 3 for the price of 2. I already have another 3 from a year ago. They are great!” – Mike

“I saw the “Climbing Jack” frame at a consumer fair, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of an inline frame that would fit down the side of my house. I purchased two frames and had them delivered right to my front door for a small additional fee. True to the instructions, I was able to assemble the “Climbing Jack” quickly and easily. Both frames are now covered, one in sweet peas and the other in tomato plants. I am delighted I came across such a great idea.” – Glenda

“The Climbing Jack is looking great and we had it up no problems.” Rob