We arrive at the start of the tour at Heathrow and ease in to biking with Alistair kindly picking us up with a big car. Beautiful weather and we head straight for the outdoors to soak in some sunshine to help adjust the clock.

Here we are at Alistair and Liz's place who kindly look after us and show us around a beautiful part of England, near Woodcote north of Reading

We go and stretch the legs and here next to Liz's family farm Mr Bean is building a house. Perhaps we shout him a Climbing Jack? Saw a fox nearby.

Let the tour begin or shall we just go and have a quiet beer at the local? Tough choice.

Where Snell, Walker & Co no doubt got some of their inspiration.

Checking out Oxford

Oxford students studying hard.

Only dwarfs go to Oxford

Official start Tour de London with guide Alistair and hostess Liz

Alistair leads us out as tour guide for the first part of the journey down a quiet English country lane..

The local cricket ground where Hamish & Duncan have knocked up a few centuries.

A day on the Thames

Another shitty day on the Thames

Louise viewing the long driveway leading in to Windsor Castle and about to answer a phone call from NZ from Josephine.

A closer look at Windsor Castle.

Windsor Park is pretty big and here is one of the polo grounds.

Bugger me - red & fallow deer in the middle of London (Richmond Park). Louise - don't tell me you didn't pack the gun?

Is that the Queen in there or has she already stepped out and on her way over to say gidday.

The queen welcomes us to Buckingham Palace. Like all woman she multi tasks as she was also just finishing off opening Parliament.