Now begins the Tour de Paris after a trip from London to Paris on the Eurostar

Checking out the Eiffel Tower at night

Night time ferry ride on the Seine in flood. Plenty of clearance under the bridges - Yeah Right.

Notre Dame - Perhaps where mother in law jokes began. The designer made the 4th Gargoyle an exact replica of his mother in law.

Hi kiwis
Bit of a wet arse today and still to warm up peaking at only 12 degrees. Good thing only 38km today as we head to Chateroux to catch a train to Brive. Apparently it has the French talking about the weather which is usually just left in the domain of Poms and Kiwis.
We have done a few castles which are very impressive to look at. Hard to work out what they were thinking with each dude trying to outdo the next.

Beautiful countryside and so many trees – they do it a lot better than we do with not cutting down everything. Also so much gently rolling and flat highly productive land.

Yesterday we had our longest day or in other words ‘harden the …. up’ day of 128km. This was heading up the L’lndr river. The wind early on was not too helpful but the rain at lunch time changed the direction just enough. Temp down in single figures with the rain but made it no worries and nice scenery. Not many hills but now into a few more.

Here are a few pics of Castle territory along the La Loire.

Chambord I think. Pretty flash

Chambord Lackies accomodation

Louise and her mate just before we got kicked out

Chenonceau Castle - Pretty cool design but don't think it would survive kiwi floods in rivers.

Trees spectacular including this judas tree

Horse Chestnuts most impressive and everywhere in full bloom in all shades of white, pink, red and yellow

Leonardo de Vincis hang out

Leonardo was a keen gardener

The original ideas man

Having biked past George Harrisons place by Alistair and Liz's place we cruised past Mick Jaggers 106 room castle just out of Ambois. It's somewhere behind the huge stand of horse chestnuts.

Another castle

We're on the road to - somewhere.

We're the far kiwi reading the pace notes. Lost - no way - we're somewhere in France

Some of the gardens at Villandry

Villandry Castle and some of there vege garden in the foreground - beat that Dad

Yeah - so which way are you telling us to go?

Local castle at Langeais where we stayed - not too shabby