Hi All
Now in Brive where you would think we are in NZ. Rugby the name of the game and the place is going nuts after we watched in a local bar Brive winning the 2nd division rugby championship. As we left the following morning the party was still going on.

We had earlier biked to Chateroux and then caught a train down to Brive.

Here are some of our latest pics. It was mean’t to include one more photo but someone nearby got hold of the delete button. It was Louise in the countryside with an unscheduled toilet stop. Louise has upped her pasture skills and now knows the difference between long grass and stinging nettle.

In Brive - what the?

Are we in the right place.

This was our digs in Les Eyzies

The old to the new with the Cave man cliffs above the museum and houses.

Lots of cute places like this with the stream next to the house along with a water wheel.

This is where the Vezere that we had sort of been following, meets the Dordogne. A beautiful spot for a picnic lunch.

Louise posing at picnic spot in bikini and sunhat - well almost.

A multi lift lock on the Dordoigne. At this point the river was very wide and shallow and what looked like a whole lot of white froth from rapids was in actual fact a whole lot of swans demonstrating to ducks evolutionary advantage with heads down and bums up.

Sorting out a feed of road side cherries

While Louise smells the roses

And a friendly lizard watches on

Apples for Africa coming in to Castillon before hitting serious grape country.

Scenic shot showing that at least some of Sam's photography skills are inherited

Overlooking St Emillion from the Chateau that is wine makers and tourist mecca for those that know anything and nothing about a good drop of plonk.

Bordeaux Update
We have made it to Bordeaux and tomorrow head off with 12 poms and an Aussie to first the Atlantic and then 9 days later to Mont Pellier on the Mediterranean. It is all guys so to keep it simple we may just call Louise, Louis – like so many kings in France before her.

The weather remains a bit cool and is still only peaking at 12 – 14 but it is not to bad for biking. We managed to negotiate our way through and around Bergerac without one Chateau / Vineyard tasting session although Louise has her doubts about was in our drink bottles. We found every windy back road and some looked liked we had been there twice. The distance we covered was around double what it showed on the map for main roads. All planned and we knew exactly where we were all of the time.

Louise has been a bit anxious that we may have packed a bit too much gear and so we have posted some back to England. You may have heard of the naked bus company. Well we may now have started a trend of the naked bike company (of just 2). Not sure it will take off but perhaps it could be the next feature on idiots abroad.