Hi all
Here is a bit of an update of week 6 as we leave the vibrant city of Montpellier and head north and upwards into the Massif Central. Having ditched the Brits we have managed to ditch most of the crap weather – note I say ‘most’. Join us on some of the great moments as we hear of rain and storms back in NZ and the sun here shines brightly.

Another cool tram passes by as we leave Montpellier.

Some more cool public transport in Montpellier

Frankly Were interested in erosion and on our way from Aniane to Breaux we wonder if this was carved out by a glacier.

The whole roof of a big shed covered in solar panels - good thinking.

Meet Dillon from Christchurch in the middle of nowhere and the distant speck on the road. He is over here training with leading NZ triathlete Andrea Hewitt and her partner. This photo was taken just before Louise and I flew past Dillon. Yeah right.

The French version of the song of 'what's behind the green door'. Never did find out but I am sure all hobbits are in NZ.

Louise enjoying some interesting rocks.

Frankly Were enjoying another pretty spot along the way.

Louise happy enough meeting this Col - early days in the relationship.

Frankly Were enjoying the many flowers on the Causse Larzac (plateau), in amongst a lot of wild buxus and the odd cattle beast.

Very cute.

And more flowers

Overlooking the Cirque de Navacelle and Frankly Were stupid in wanting to check out the Village in the distance waaaaaayyyyyyy down there.

A pretty cool spot at the bottom of the Cirque de Navacelle - definitely a lot cooler than the road leading out.

Frankly Were enjoying the roses in the village at the bottom - can you see him?.

Looking back on the Cirque de Navacelles after having to climb out of some hole that someone had dug.

The trip to Breaux was already 24km over our tour guide budget when this showed up with a big detour sign. Louise chose mountain biking abseiling over detour and our bungee came in handy.

Our digs at Breaux with Host Odile, 5 bikies and a really cool, cool pool.

A day off in Breaux so Louise goes walkabout while yours truly heads off in search of Col. Here' one.

Another Col bites the dust - Col de L'Asclier

Herd of sheep.

You can't help but hear the sheep as they have bloody big bells around their necks.

Well kept garden and cottages in a far away valley betweens 2 Col's called Les Plantiers.

Heard of Trev & Bruce? Well this is where a whole lot of Col's and Mont's hang out.

Cute little playground in Valleraugue

Tip this one upside down and this is how we see the world normally in the land of the kiwi.

Frankly Were here in Valleraugue with a giant octopus for company

Trout scene on the L'Herault at Valleraugue

Yours truly thinking this has to be a great short cut back from Valleraugue to Breaux. Didn't quite work out with road getting rougher and steeper. Looked so easy and flat on the map. Saw a deer.

Leaving Breaux on a nice sunny day starting with a steady 20km or so all uphill. What could be better?

This is what greeted us at the top of Mt Aigoual, 1567m high - great views - yeah right. On the way up it had started to rain. Suddenly it was heavy and almost ice. Throw in 100km/hr wind and visibility of 5m and it really was a case of 'frankly where the far kiwi' on a barren wind swept mountain top.

A happy, smiling Louise at the top of Mt Aigoual. Luckily we stumbled in this side door with some trampers. Chucked some more clothes on and enjoyed a hot chocolate at the cafe we eventually found, before doing the coldest,fastest, descent of 24km into Meyreuis far below. Talk about cold - reckon Tongaririo in winter had nothing on this.

A view of storm clouds on the horizon from our hotel room in Meyrueis where we had a day off our bikes checking out some walking tracks and drying out some wet gear.

Vultures circling in the Le Jonte Gorge. Louise peddling rate goes up even more as while they do not look big in this photo, they are. Also they look mighty hungry.

Awesome rock formations in the La Jonte Gorge before climbing our way to La Carnougue.

Some dairy cows. As big as freisians but don't know what breed. Close to here we saw a big red fox in a meadow.

A cool rock on the downhill run into La Carnougue

Louise having confidence that earthquakes don't happen in France.

Here are some village pics of La Carnougue. Pretty cool.

A quiet stroll around La Carnougue

Another well cared for vege garden. Theyr'e everywhere. Perhaps they do it just for show as veges don't feature too much on too many menus or perhaps it is the time of year and winter has not long ended.

Not a bad view right next door to the local tourism office. Every village has a tourism office.

Just another pic of La Canourgue as we leave. This stream runs through the town and even disappears under houses in parts. Very cute and even occupied by trout. Interesting to see what happens in a flood.